How to Choose your Perfect Wedding Destination

So, you've decided that you would like to get married abroad – how do you decide where would be best? We recommend drawing up a shortlist of your favourite destinations and then asking yourselves these key questions to determine which would be the ideal place for you both and your families, as appropriate:

  • How easy and economic is the destination going to be to get to?

Crete, for example, is under four hours away from both the UK and Oslo. Return flights can be found for less than 100 Euros low season, making it a feasible destination for all your guests.

  • Would you like to have visited your destination before the wedding so that you have a good idea of what to expect?

In which case, you need to factor in the costs and ease of doing this. Crete, for example, is now easier than ever to visit, with flights available not only from major charter companies, but also from the budget airlines, including Easyjet and Ryanair, who fly into both Heraklion and Chania airports, from a selection of airports across the UK.


  • How many guests are you inviting and are they of all ages?

When inviting family and friends to what – for them - is essentially a holiday abroad couples often find that they have all kinds of tastes and additional requirements to meet- from Younger guests who might want to 'party' all night; friends with children who want a relaxing holiday with lots of amenities for children, and older guests who are not so keen on sunbathing all day and want other more cultural (or just more quiet) entertainment. Crete is, in fact, the perfect place for meeting all these groups, as it is a large island with a fantastic history. There is a wide choice of accommodation types and lots to do and see for those who want more than its clear blue sea and sand. Your wedding planner can advise you of the best place to choose, once she knows who you are inviting!


  • If you are looking for sunshine, how hot do you want it to be?

Depending on the time of year, for example, Crete can offer a range of temperatures and conditions. As a very fertile island, Crete is actually at its most beautiful in early spring – March and April – masses of wild flowers bloom everywhere and the olive groves are adorned with bright yellow for those couples looking for a great spring destination Crete is perfect, not too hot but with sunny days. Then comes hot summer from May to September, perfect for those who love sunbathing, swimming and knowing for sure that the sun will shine tomorrow! October and even November are mild months compared to the Northern cold – lots of sun although the evenings are cooler and the rains come to rejuvenate all the dried up land..


  • Would you like a beach wedding without crowds of onlookers in bikinis and Speedos?

Crete is an island over 260 km long, with many sandy beaches all around the island, so although many do have sunloungers and swimmers all day, if you are prepared to travel a bit you can find an amazing beach, practically private to you and your guests

  • Perhaps you would like to look at other wedding venues.

How about a Venetian fort with a view onto the sea? Or in the garden of your villa? Or a part of your hotel? Crete can offer you all of these options, all over the island... Once you have considered your answers to these key questions and if you think Crete could be the ideal overseas wedding destination for you, why not email us now to find out more.....