She and her husband ran a successful village taverna for over 17 years, where she learnt to speak the language, to cook Cretan food and to understand the rich and varied culture of Cretan life. She even wrote her own Cretan cookery book, Cretan Village Cooking.

She organised her first wedding in 2001 for very good friends, and enjoyed the experience so much she decided to leave the restaurant business and become a wedding planner, setting up Weddings in Crete at the end of 2004.

After the death of her husband Elizabeth remarried, and yes you guessed it, her second husband is also Greek ... but this time the celebration was a civil ceremony - planned and arranged by, of course, Weddings in Crete, in 2007.

"Every wedding is unique, and each a different challenge, but it is always very rewarding, and meeting so many happy couples is a great pleasure."

Elizabeth Cradick
Founder, Weddings in Crete