How to choose an overseas wedding planner

You know you want to get married abroad, maybe you have already decided on getting married in Crete, but you don't know the best way to go about it - after all, you are not there, and you can't see any of the options for yourself, except in photos....

There are a number of different ways you could organise a wedding in Crete, so to help you decide, what suits your needs and budgets best, we have put together this Cretan wedding advice guide

As in the UK, you have a number of different options. There are:

  • Travel companies offering wedding packages.
  • Individual hotels offering wedding packages.
  • Wedding planners who operate throughout Greece and other overseas destinations.
  • Specialist wedding planners, like Weddings in Crete, who will organise weddings tailormade to your requirements and budgets.

As always, each will have its’ advantages and disadvantages:


1) Travel Company, Crete wedding packages



  • You know what your costs are from the beginning, and they are likely to offer some of the more competitive rates.

However there are some distinct disadvantages:


  • Your ‘wedding planner’ will be a holiday representative who will have other duties apart from wedding planning, and may not be as familiar with your resort and destination and may have limited local knowledge.
  • You may not always be given an advance, guaranteed time for your ceremony and in some cases may not be given it until you arrive in Crete, or arrive at your hotel.
  • Your ceremony will be in a fixed location and at a time prearranged by the travel company and hotel which might not be of your choosing. This may mean, for example, you find your marriage will be taking place during the hottest time of day, which is not necessarily the most comfortable for you and your guests.
  • Often the sort of extras you might assume would be included in standard packages, are not; so do check the smallprint. Receptions, flowers, hairdressing and entertainment will often be charged out on top of the package price you are originally quoted


2) Hotel Weddings



  • Many hotels offer the free services of a ‘wedding planner’ to help you if you want your wedding to take place in their hotel.
  • Your ceremony and reception are in the same venue so you save on travel costs


  • If you have any queries or issues on the day, you will personally have to deal direct with the hotel planner or member of staff, which can easily make what should be the most enjoyable day of your life, quite stressful.
  • The wedding planner allocated to you by the hotel may not be very experienced. So it is worth asking the hotel how many weddings they have organised and if they have always used the same planner.
  • Greek people are always very anxious to please, and will assure you that everything you ask for is possible; this is also true of Greek hotel wedding planners – however this may turn out not to be the case and can be very disappointing.
  • You are limited in both ceremony and reception venues – they must take place in the hotel grounds and may be at times you would not choose yourself.
  • The hotel may require a minimum number of guests at their hotel which will restrict those guests who might prefer a choice of accommodation to suit their own preferences and budget
  • Hotel wedding receptions may not be in private venues, and often have to end early so as not to disturb other guests
  • Hotel weddings often lack the personal touches which make your wedding unique. They tend to be formulaic – the same types of decorations, the same ceremony, the same reception layout etc.

3) Greek Wedding planners


  • You get a choice of where and when you have your ceremony and reception
  • You have a Greek speaking co-ordinator on hand
  • Your requirements for extras should be catered for


  • A Greek planning company often operates in a number of islands, which means that they have no specialisation in Crete itself, and may not have the depth of local knowledge that a specialist will have
  • They may contract out to a local planner but your communication will not be with the local planner until you arrive in Crete
  • Your local planner may not have a lot of experience

4) Crete Wedding Planners


  • You get to choose where you have your ceremony and reception with all sorts of venues – from the more the more unusual.....or more informal.....
  • You get to choose every aspect of your wedding and to ‘pick the brains’ of experts who can advise you on the very best Crete has to offer
  • Usually Greek speaking and have been living in the region
  • You benefit directly from their extensive local, and more importantly current, knowledge to assure you enjoy the best possible food and service at all times
  • You can be assured that the suppliers used are all licensed and can be relied on to deliver a ‘quality product’
  • A Cretan wedding planner can ensure your Cretan wedding is stress-free - everything is arranged how you would like it so that the experience matches or exceeds your expectations


  • They can appear more expensive, although this will depend on your expectations of the day. Although many packages appear cheaper they may well not offer everything you are looking for from your special day.
  • Some Crete wedding planners  are not very experienced, so always do your research and check for testimonials.

If you are thinking about Crete as a wedding destination or just starting out with your Cretan wedding planning why not email Elizabeth at Weddings in Crete, to discuss your options and find out more.