Why choose a Wedding Planner?

There is no fixed formula to a marriage organized by Weddings in Crete.

Each wedding is different — tailor-made to perfectly suit you.

The venue, the location and type of reception, the decorations and flowers to suit your colour choices ...

and a honeymoon somewhere you yourself have chosen;

  • like a few days in the volcanic island of Santorini;
  • or a cruise around the North Western tip of Crete;
  • or a converted old Venetian hotel in the heart of Chania ...
  • or of course your own holiday villa.

Many travel companies offer you a two-week holiday with your marriage. A package wedding abroad is like a package holiday — the same product designed to be sold over and over to many different people. Your wedding planner will be a holiday rep.
So if you are looking for something a little more exclusive than a package wedding, Weddings in Crete offers you a way to choose every part of your wedding, through close contact with us, your wedding planners in Crete.
With Weddings in Crete, you can choose your own accommodation, helped by us if you like.

You tell us your wedding dreams ... and we do the rest ...

  • We can plan Greek Orthodox weddings in Church (if one of the couple is Orthodox).
  • We also plan civil ceremonies, Blessings and Marriage Renewal vows.
  • We arrange weddings for people from many countries ... UK, Norway, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, USA, Romania, Russia, Greece and many more.