Why get married in Crete?

It's fun!

From the traditions to the dancing to the great food!

  • Crete is the right wedding destination for you because it's fun! - from the traditions to the dancing to the great food!
  • It's different!
  • The Climate in Crete!
  • What you spend on a wedding at home you spend on a whole holiday in Crete!
  • A honeymoon for you and a holiday for your guests all-in-one!
  • No conveyor belt weddings as in smaller islands in Greece.
  • The island of Crete still enables a very personal, unique and individual wedding.
  • A wedding experience you and your guests will never forget!
  • Your own unique wedding abroad.
  • You get to choose everything directly with your planner!

Getting married in Crete can be a wonderful solution to your wedding planning problems. Near enough to be an affordable wedding destination for your guests, the island offers all kinds of entertainment for a two-week holiday for all ages and a special honeymoon for you. We help you choose the best part of Crete suited to your needs and take the stress out of wedding planning, so it becomes fun!