Mark and Agnieszka Wilcock

A Summer Wedding
Not every couple takes 40 friends and family on honeymoon with them but that's what we did. In the summer of 2004, we flew to Crete to get married - and they all came along.

We were married in unconventional style, in a breathtaking setting next to an abandoned fort on top of a hill with the beautiful bay of Souda on one side and the White Mountains on the other. Elizabeth et al organised all aspects of the wedding flawlessly - from the flights and accommodation in traditional Cretan farmhouses, to the legal arrangements of the ceremony, to the riotous reception at a local Taverna.

And they coped admirably with the few foibles of the more demanding members of our retinue - nothing was too much trouble.

Our guests told us that the wedding was a wonderful and unforgettable experience. Of course they probably always say that but we suspect that there was more than a hint of truth on this occasion.

We wanted a different wedding to the usual UK formula - the car, the photographs, the hotel reception where three other receptions are happening simultaneously, the rain ... In fact, we may have been the first people in history to be married on our hilltop location. The only similarity was the price - we spent the same on a wedding and two weeks holiday in Crete for 40 people as we would have blown on a single day in the UK.

Our experience in Crete was magical from start to finish and we can whole-heartedly recommend Elizabeth and her team to arrange any wedding in Crete. And yes, we did get our honeymoon; we sneaked off to a charming hotel 10 miles away in Chania for a couple of days - again recommended and booked by ... you know who.

Mark and Agnieszka Wilcock, who were married in Crete in July 2004