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20 years ago, Weddings in Crete organised our first wedding in Western Crete. We took charge of booking the church, coordinating the wedding service, and seamlessly handling details like flowers, a decorated car, and the enchanting wedding reception. In the picturesque traditional Cretan village of Megala Chorafia, Aptera, we orchestrated lively entertainment, featuring Cretan dancing and live Cretan music and creating an unforgettable atmosphere. Sixty guests flew out to Crete to witness the wedding of Jim and Mary Davies, and all had a wonderful time… not just on the wedding night, but for the whole two weeks, including the Stag and Hen nights around Chania town!

From that memorable occasion, our journey has evolved, spanning intimate elopements to luxury weddings hosting up to 200 guests. With two decades of expertise under our belt, Weddings in Crete has perfected the art of tailoring every wedding experience. No celebration is too small or too grand; our commitment to crafting extraordinary moments remains unwavering.



Our Advantage

At Weddings in Crete, every wedding is a unique creation—crafted and customised to reflect your individuality. While many travel companies bundle weddings with two-week holidays, we understand that a bespoke wedding is not a one-size-fits-all experience. Unlike packaged weddings that offer the same product over and over again to multiple couples, Weddings in Crete stands out by providing an exclusive and personalised alternative. We invite you to go beyond the standard package and work closely with us, your experienced wedding planners in Crete, to handpick every element of your special day.

Weddings in Crete stands for value, wisdom drawn from years of experience, honest dealings, and unparalleled organisation. It’s not just about weddings; it’s about creating cherished moments that last a lifetime. Reliability and integrity are the cornerstones of our service. We never promise what we can’t deliver, ensuring authenticity in every detail.

Choose distinction, choose Weddings in Crete, where your wedding becomes a one-of-a-kind celebration designed just for you. Choose the most trusted Crete Wedding Planners.


Nina & Elizabeth – Your Trusted Crete Wedding Planners

Meet our team, a passionate mother-daughter team committed to making your dream wedding a reality. Working harmoniously with each other, we’ve efficiently apportioned responsibilities, each excelling in our strengths. Our understanding of each other’s work style ensures swift and effective communication and complete trust in each other’s decisions.



Hello there, I’m Nina! As we embark on the journey of crafting dreams and embracing love, let me share a bit more about the person who will be guiding you along this journey.

Growing up amidst the magical world of weddings, I inherited the passion for creating unforgettable moments from my mother, the creator of Weddings in Crete. Summers were spent assisting her, and the dream of becoming a wedding planner myself took root early on. Now I’ve been a full-time wedding planner since finishing my studies in 2014 and have taken lead in the business since 2020.

Being both English and Greek allows me to fluently communicate in both languages, eliminating any language barrier issues or misunderstandings. Though wedding planning in Crete comes with its challenges, especially in the summer heat, the magic unfolds when I witness that moment of utter bliss as the bride walks down the aisle to her groom. It makes every drop of sweat worth it!

Beyond the world of weddings, I find joy in crafting and creating. Whether it’s bringing love stories to life or diving into the realms of imagination through books, creativity is at the core of everything I do.

In the winter months, you’ll find me with cozy knits in hand or crafting my latest Pinterest find. Crafting and knitting are my go-to activities during the cooler seasons. In the warmer months, when the Cretan sun takes center stage, I channel that warmth into the weddings we plan, ensuring each celebration radiates the same joy and creativity.



Hello, I’m Elizabeth, and my journey into the world of destination weddings is a tapestry of love, experience, and creativity.

Having fallen in love with Crete in 1985, I made it my permanent home and married a Cretan man, creating a beautiful family with him. My journey into wedding planning began organically, ignited by organising my friend’s wedding in 2001, leading friends to suggest I turn my passion into a profession.

I cherish hearing about how couples met and why they chose Crete for their special day. This personal connection forms the foundation of crafting a unique wedding experience, but the most fulfilling moments come when couples, now families, share their happiness or revisit Crete. These connections make each wedding a continued celebration.

After years of unofficially officiating weddings, I undertook professional celebrant training in the UK. It’s not just a skill; it’s the happiest part of the wedding, where promises and vows come to life. Now I’ve taken a step back from wedding planning to focus on this passion. Looking ahead, I see my daughter seamlessly taking the lead, ensuring the legacy of excellence endures.

Outside of weddings, I am a creator at heart. From cooking to sewing, knitting, and writing ceremonies and poetry, creativity is my constant companion. Yoga adds balance to my vibrant pursuits.

From both of us… Thank you for considering Weddings in Crete for your special day. We can’t wait to be a part of your love story and craft a wedding that reflects the beauty of your unique journey.